Promo Sport was founded in 1994 with the aim of meeting a demand for professional representation in the still incipient market of women's basketball in Spain. Since 2006 Promo Sport has become a benchmark in the industry, providing international coverage to more than 500 top athletes in various sports activities among which are basketball, volleyball and soccer; both male and female.

Originally, it was a personal project of our current president Luis Alvarez. It has evolved over the years, and in 2007 Promo Sport International Development was created in order to offer our customers with exciting new services, providing a superior coverage in the financial, legal and medical areas.

As a result of the increase of athletes represented by the agency, the number of technical and advisory positions within the organization has grown. We can proudly say that we have the best professionals; in the field, confirming the upward trend of commitment to our clients acquired since the signing of their contracts.

At present our organizational work is based on partnerships with local agents in the major leagues, a situation that allows us to offer our athletes the best national and international projection. Having the highest representation in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, United States, Australia, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Nigeria, we offer full coverage virtually all over the world. Promo Sport has successfully negotiated over 2000 contracts in all these countries.

The best leagues in the world are open to our athletes: NBA, WNBA, Europe, Asian Leagues (China, Korea and Japan), ...

Since 2000, our agency also represents some of the best coaches in the world, which can offer complete solutions to every team.

Our services regarding athletes and coaches, includes finding and promoting the best economic and sporting opportunities, with the main goal of a right planning in the medium and long term of his career; plus the economic and legal advice for the resolution of any problems or concerns arise during or after the signature of the contracts.

The teams will find in Promo Sport an top level external consultant whose extensive knowledge of domestic and international markets, can provide more information and the right players for every need.

"Our mission as an agency is to offer a professional service based on an ethical and transparent commitment to the athletes we represent as well as the teams that hire our services."

The search of sponsorships for both athletes and clubs is a service offered by Promo Sport completing thus a unique circle of proposals for the world of professional sports.

Finally we must highlight the effort by Promo Sport in recent years to provide the agency with the most advanced technology embodied in this new website, adapted and compatible to all new devices.